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additional SERVICES

  • Roof Plans- HVAC, Vents, Drains, Slopes
  • Equipment Plans- Photo tag, model and serial number
  • Mechanical Plans- Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
  • ​Door Schedules- Width, Height, Material, and Hardware
  • ​Window Schedules- Width, Height, Material
  • Building Sections- Floor to floor heights, Material Call outs
  • ADA Surveys- Approach, Counter Heights, Floor Slopes
  • Sign Surveys- Sign photos and dimensions


Interior and Exterior elevations are an important part of existing conditions drawings. Architects and branding companies rely on accurate elevations to give facilities a fresh look. 

360 Photo plan

Our 360 photo plans link the interactive photos to the floor plan so you can view all aspects of the building without traveling to the site.

reflected ceiling plan

Due to the incentives given for energy conservation, lighting surveys are very popular with our clients. A typical RCP documents all equipment on the ceiling.

floor plan

As with all our drawings, floor plans are delivered in PDF and DWG format so that any design professional can easily overlay new designs.

site plan

The amount of detail required on a site plan ranges from grading slopes for ADA surveys to basic parking and signage layouts.