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Daisy Baker Building

This historical brownstone was in need of Architectural As-Built Drawings.

  • Daisy Baker Building- Troy, NY
  • Golden Park Apartments- Liberty, NY
  • Wonder Bread Factory- Hoboken, NJ

Wonder Bread Factory

No CAD files existed on this 100+ year old factory in Hoboken, NJ soon to be Condos.

We have noticed a trend in retrofitting multi-family buildings in urban areas to offices or live/ work spaces. In densely populated downtown areas, land is at a premium. When an apartment building becomes available, developers will work with Architects to design loft style apartments above modern retail space.

Due to old or missing drawings, Platt360 is brought on board to document all existing conditions. The redesign usually involves removing as many walls and ceilings as possible, so careful attention is given to how much ceiling height is available and where existing structure is located. Our 360 photos make it possible to consider multiple design strategies without needing to revisit the site.