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Architectural firms are in need of accurate drawings when remodeling older buildings.

There are several very different reasons why banks need as-built or existing condition drawings. Acquisitions, re-branding, or ADA handicap feasibility studies are a few examples. Regardless of the reason, all these processes begin with existing drawings. Several clients have also discovered their assumed sales floor footprint to be considerably larger or smaller.

Platt360 has the experience to handle large bank programs across the country in a timely manner. We have measured and drawn thousands of bank facilities and can quickly identify what our client needs and how to go about delivering a finished product. From small retail banks to large corporate headquarters, we can deploy surveyors wherever they are needed.

Key Bank

Platt Design Survey measured Key Banks from NY, OH, and WA

  • Key Bank
  • ​Bank of America
  • ​First Niagara
  • ​Chase Bank
  • Pioneer Bank


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