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amc movie theaters

Nationwide program measuring theaters from California to New York for a "refresh".


  • AMC Movie Theaters
  • Harte Art Gallery
  • Times Union Center

Concerts and movies are fun and exciting events for families and groups to visit. The increased volume of traffic and use of large assembly type spaces dictates a refresh every 5-7 years. New concepts can be costly and time consuming to implement; some of the new concepts include stadium seating and dine in options. These market driven changes can be logistically difficult to implement with old or inaccurate information.   

Floor plans, ceiling plans, interior elevations, 360 photos, roof plans, and equipment plans are all needed for these complicated large square footage buildings. Due to our process, training, and technology, we are able to deploy a minimum number of surveyors per project to meet required deadlines. This enables us to visit multiple sites within a program at the same a time.  


times union center

An upgraded entry to this indoor arena seating 15,000 people required as-builts.