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LISA platt


Lisa's attention to detail is unmatched. With surveyors and clients all over the country, it takes a very organized person to keep everything straight. Her roots have always been in Architecture, graduating from Cal Poly Pomona's school of Architecture at the top of her class, but we soon realized she has an amazing ability to manage programs and track the progress of surveyors and clients.  

by Platt360

field efficiency

We use the latest technology to document all as-built drawings on site. With our bluetooth integration, we have eliminated mistakes of the traditional as-built survey system. Linking our 360 photography allows access to real-world images of every direction while viewing collected data. Our on site quality control system maintains communication with our surveyors and provides the means to check the quality of our as-built services before leaving a site. This greatly reduces the need for a site re-visit.

added value

Not only are we quicker and more accurate, we will save your company valuable capital. We provide traditional Floor Plans and Elevations as well as a comprehensive list of as-built services; each as-built survey can be tailored to collect items such as equipment model and serial numbers or ADA and Sign Surveys. Often assumed information, such as old drawings, can push the construction budget over the line. Platt360 as-built drawings will document what is in the field and save your company time and money.

bob platt

Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Bob develops relationships with clients and discovers exactly what their as-built survey needs are. His experience in the field of Architecture over the past 15 years is what makes it possible to train new surveyors, manage large programs, and deliver as-built drawings in a timely manner. Bob graduated from Cal Poly Pomona's School of Architecture and enjoys designing buildings with his wife in his spare time.


Our surveyors are located strategically to efficiently obtain all as-built survey information no matter where the program is located. All as-built drawings are documented on site, eliminating the need to bring information back to an office, greatly increasing our speed. Our surveyors are able to capture 10,000 SF per surveyor per day on average depending on scope and location. We have developed as-built services incorporating knowledge and technology that sets us apart from our competition.